A Prayer for Peace

Lighting a candle for peace against the backdrop of war

God of all nations,
I give You thanks
for the country I call home
where liberty is prized,
justice is pursued
and freedoms are protected.

On this bright sunny day where I live,
the dark clouds of war
threaten peace far away.
I pray for those whose lives and liberties
are in grave danger.

Surround President Zelenskyy of Ukraine
with wise counsel.
Provide a hedge of protection
for his people in harm’s way.

Give the vulnerable courage.
Infuse the fearful with faith.
Heal those who’ve been wounded.
Honor the memories of those who have died.
Comfort the grieving.

Would You grant our President
and other leaders of the free world
the means to work together
for a peaceful resolution
to this complicated bloodshed?

Would You prevent this regional conflict
from becoming a world war?

Would You remind us of the lessons
painfully learned from past wars
that are too-easily and too-quickly forgotten?

Would You use this chaotic frightening scenario
as a means of opening our eyes, ears and hearts
to You and one another?

These things I seek and ask in Your holy name. Amen.