A Modern-day Pieta

A statue of Christ is carried to a bunker for safe keeping in Lviv Ukraine

They cradled Christ.
They held him close
while fleeing for their lives.
By holding Him
they clung with faith to cope.
By saving what
was priceless art
they couldn’t help but feel
the arms of One
who offers saving hope.

Like Mary clutched her lifeless son
when he was just a babe,
they carried Jesus gently out of sight.
And as they placed Him in a tomb
away from tombs that fly,
I’m hoping that they glimpsed an inner light.

I’m hoping that they grasped the truth
of which the Scriptures speak.
That Jesus is at home when taken in.
That those who honor Him who died
and worship Him as Lord,
will find their worth beyond this world of sin.

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Let’s Hear it for Spring!

The beauty of spring is indescribable

Trapped in the drizzle of dark dreary days
we often are sad and depressed.
Held hostage by winter, we plead for release
while stir-crazy, housebound and stressed.

The long nights of winter have taken their toll.
We dream of the day we’re set free
to dance with spring flowers and bathe in the sun
and shade ‘neath a blossoming tree.

As Tevye the dairyman hoisted his cup,
he toasted L’chaim (“to life”).
With praise for the sunlight and springtime rebirth,
I join him with clarinet and fife.

It’s a Wonderful (Amazing) Life!

New words to Amazing Grace inspired by an old movie

A wonderful life
God’s given us
through friends and family.
Each morning breaks
with hope anew
like waves upon the sea.

There’s beauty in
a walk at dawn
and geese upon a pond.
Our lives are blessed
by thoughts of times
with loved ones who are gone.

There’s wonder in
a moonlit night
and in a child’s face.
Our blessings morph
to grateful hearts
and hymns that praise God’s grace.

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Faith Invites Us on a Journey

New Lenten hymn lyrics to an old familiar hymn tune

Faith invites us on a journey
that began with God’s own Son.
Jesus modeled joy and suffering
on the way to make us one.
There’s a road that we must follow
if we hope to reach our goal.
Every day we have the chance to
walk with Him who guards our soul.

Faith invites us on a journey
that expresses God’s own heart.
Grace and beauty frame the vistas
as each day we make our start.
There is nothing that can hinder
what God longs for us to see.
Every day the Lord provides us
glimpses of eternity.

Faith invites us on a journey
that concludes in God’s own time.
We are called to simply trust Him
as we heed direction signs.
There’s no reason to be anxious.
God will guide us as we go.
Every day we’re making headway
though our progress may be slow.

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
tune: Beach Spring

Waiting for Worship

What does God have in mind for me today?

As I sit in silence
for the service to begin,
I wonder how the living Lord
might speak to me again.

Will it be the songs we sing
or in the pastor’s prayer?
It just might be the sermon
or a need somebody shares.

Maybe God will touch my heart
through laughter or a sigh,
or even through distractions
like a newborn’s hungry cry.

Whatever means God chooses
as He bends my ear His way,
I will worship God expectantly
for there’s something He will say.