A Modern-day Pieta

A statue of Christ is carried to a bunker for safe keeping in Lviv Ukraine

They cradled Christ.
They held him close
while fleeing for their lives.
By holding Him
they clung with faith to cope.
By saving what
was priceless art
they couldn’t help but feel
the arms of One
who offers saving hope.

Like Mary clutched her lifeless son
when he was just a babe,
they carried Jesus gently out of sight.
And as they placed Him in a tomb
away from tombs that fly,
I’m hoping that they glimpsed an inner light.

I’m hoping that they grasped the truth
of which the Scriptures speak.
That Jesus is at home when taken in.
That those who honor Him who died
and worship Him as Lord,
will find their worth beyond this world of sin.

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