From Refugee to Royalty

Remembering the remarkable Madeleine Albright

When it comes to American royalty,
she checked all the boxes.
Her amazing life
was a fairytale come true.

As a child refugee,
whose grandparents were victims
of the holocaust,
she saluted Lady Liberty
with allegiance in her heart
and a twinkle in her eye.

She elevated the role of secretary
to a whole new level.
She broached serious subjects
with integrity and dignity.

Madeleine Albright
was regal on every level.
Her face and her jewelry
sparkled with grace.
Her name called attention
to her brilliance.

This diminutive diva
on the world stage
was a rock star in global affairs.
She towered over her peers
with Katanji-like class.

Though slight in height,
we looked up to her.
While she stood only 4’10” high,
she was tall enough
to shatter a glass ceiling.

With John Glenn,
Madeleine Albright lived a legacy
that was out of this world.

As we look up to the heavens tonight,
let us thank God
for this princess of peace
who illuminated our world for good
and gave our daughters
a role model to which to aspire.

Peace to her memory!