‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Recalling the nativity of Jesus from a contemporary perspective

‘Twas the night before Christmas
and there in a barn
a young woman labored
while feeling forlorn.

Her husband, discouraged,
had been turned away
from VRBOs
so he settled for hay.

Without creature comforts,
his wife screamed in pain
as she pushed and she called out
on YAHWEH by name.

And next to some cattle
in a rough hewn-out stall,
a baby was born
who’d be Savior of all.

Some shepherds and wisemen
were advised where to go
and there was the infant
with Mary and Joe.

But it wasn’t a picnic
in that cold drafty place.
Midst the cow dung and rat nests,
they beheld YAHWEH’s face.

‘Twas the face of forgiveness,
of mercy and joy.
What was laid in a manger
wasn’t just Mary’s boy.

He’s the crown prince of Heaven.
The Creator with skin
who came down to our planet
to save us from sin.