The High Cost of Free Speech

Did ESPN Rush to Judgment?

Have you seen with your eyes
or heard with your ears
what happened to “the mouth” recently?
Whether you’re inclined
to give Rush
two thumbs up
or two thumbs down
one has to hand it to him.
Fed up with a perceived inability
to express a legitimate opinion,
Mr. Limbaugh rushed to step down.
And maybe you
would have done the same
if it appeared you had no choice.
I can’t help but wonder
if that was the case.
Since it wasn’t possible to erase
comments construed as racist,
isn’t it likely that ESPN VIPs
called the EGO an SOB and
(thinking of their NFL sponsors)
told him where he could go?
Even so, the moral of this mess
is this:
Given the inflationary value of being politically correct,
free speech can be pretty costly these days.