Mother Justice is Blind No More

Right to Life Rulings Challenge Political Correctness

These are days
to praise our Maker
(and thank our lawmakers).
In a culture
that is speeding
in the direction
of moral retardation,
the right to life
hasn’t been completely
left behind.
At least for now,
justice isn’t blind
when it comes to
the inalienable privileges
of those partially born
or partially alive.
Eyes closed to truth
have finally opened.
But for how long?
Isn’t it about time
Mother Justice’s blindfold
be untied for good?
Should parents need a lawyer
just to let their daughter live?
Should a fed-up husband be allowed
to keep his wife from food?
Should a mother
(enveloping a fully-formed baby)
be allowed to refuse delivery
of priority mail at the doorstep
while stamping “return to Sender”
on a love letter from Heaven?

P.S. No matter the hand
that we’ve been dealt,
life trumps death any day.