The Wanted One is Found

The irony of Saddam’s capture at Christmastime

The bearded man has now been shaved.
Not Santa Claus, but one depraved
whose evil bent and heartless greed
made Seuss’s Grinch look nice.

This one who lived in luxury
was humbled (as we all could see)
when he who lived it up as king
was found down in a hole.

Unlike our King who left his throne
to make our sinful world his home,
Iraqi’s ruler (now a slave)
did not lay down his rights.

The irony of Christmastime
is only lost on those quite blind
who cannot see the paradox
of wealth-to-poverty.

Within a farmhouse Christ was found
by common shepherds all around
who searched to find whom they believed
to be the Wanted One.

The search is over for the man
(the one called Jesus not Saddam)
who can alone bring peace to earth
and with it peace with God.