A God-less Pledge? God Forbid!

An appeal to the High Court to leave the Lord alone

If not “under God,” then whom are we under?
If He’s not in charge, then who is? I wonder.
A phrase on our money declares Whom we trust.
Is it just a slogan corroded with rust?
Though now it is lawful to sing Irving’s song,
will “God Bless America” soon be deemed wrong?
Yet are we one nation except under Him?
To make such a claim is an ungrounded whim.
Because all our framers were mindful of God,
to absent Him fully is treasonous fraud.
The woman who raises a torch in her hand
stands ready to welcome the world to our land.
But God is not welcome. There’s no room, it seems,
for Him who gave rise to America’s dream.
How dare we be God-less. How foolish indeed,
when He is the reason our nation was freed.
The Pledge without God’s name is best left unsaid.
To say it without Him suggests He is dead.
And so I’m appealing to those gowned in black
that our Pledge of Allegiance be maintained intact.