Marriage by the Book

Why gay marriage is an oxymoron

When the Lord created marriage,
it was clear He had a plan.
He designed a lifetime union
‘tween a woman and a man.
He intended they’d have children.
That is why their bodies fit.
And this opposite attraction
was the world’s survival kit.
Married man and married woman
is a universal norm,
though the ceremonies vary
as do licenses and forms.
Just ask Webster, he will tell you.
Marriage means a groom and bride.
That’s inherent in its meaning.
There is nothing else implied.
It assumes that men and women
(anatomically distinct)
pledge commitment to be faithful
with a kiss and pen and ink.
Marriage is a holy calling.
It’s a contract of two lives.
It’s a legal binding promise
made by husbands and their wives.
It’s a bond God sees as sacred.
It’s a covenant of love.
It’s a metaphor of Oneness
like the Trinity above.