It’s a Church in Chaos

But you can’t judge all Episcopalians by some

He is E-pis-co-pal-ian
which means he thinks that gay folks can
be called to serve as parish priests
in spite of what God says.

He’s all about the right to choose.
The culture shapes his left-wing views.
The unborn’s voice cannot be heard
by one who’s deaf to truth.

The Bible, he would quickly say,
is not applicable today.
It’s rather just a dusty source
of what men once believed.

He owns the Book of Common Prayer
which really isn’t all that rare.
But ask him how he uses it
and he’ll say “Poetry!”

He says the sacraments are signs,
but doubts the water, bread and wine
are really all that big a deal
since Easter’s just a myth.

He is E-pis-co-pal-ian
But don’t judge all who are by him.
This grand old Church of Presidents
has millions who believe.