A National Call to Prayer

Why ‘God Bless America’ is more than simply a song

Americans, let’s pause today
to seek the Lord and humbly pray.
Let’s ask that those who lead our land
will heed His truth and take a stand.
But first of all let’s bend our knees
and ask the Lord for what He sees.
With honest gaze let’s look within
for motives that give way to sin.
Let’s own our culpability
confessing what we’ve failed to be,
then listen for what God might say
in judgment of the U.S.A.
Let’s beg His mercy and His grace
for godless norms, perverse and base.
Let’s pledge to push for purity
while guarding others’ dignity.
Let’s ask for eyes to see the poor
and hearts that ache for troops at war.
Let’s plead for justice on behalf
of those whose plight makes bullies laugh.
Let’s bow our heads and fold our hands
and ask the Lord to heal our land.