The Price Tag of Being President

Exploring the hidden costs of the office

The perks of being President
don’t really compensate
for all the pressures of the job
and choices that you hate.

You choose to let the nation think
that you are quite inept
because it has no knowledge
of top secrets that are kept.

You choose to live a lonely life
apart from friends back home.
You still care very much for them
but time is not your own.

You choose to let your daughters spend
commencement without you
because you know by showing up
the place would be a zoo.

The price you pay to be in charge
is more than what you make.
Could you have known before you ran
the cost would be so great?

Well if not then, you know it now.
Just maybe that explains
why you’re so quick to ask for prayer
and call on Jesus’ name.