Questions for Mr. Clinton

Where does ‘My Life’ intersect real life?

It’s rather odd, don’t you agree,
that YOU should write your legacy?

That’s what historians compose
long after men have decomposed.

In “My Life” you attempt to say
that what you did was quite okay.

But was it all above reproach?
Did you let conscience be your coach?

You played around because you could
and stained the office where Abe stood.

You’ve blasted Mr. Kenneth Starr,
but Mr. Bill you know you are
a self-deceiving snow-haired flake
who won’t admit a gross mistake.

You glamorized your White House years
although they left your wife in tears.

You think yourself a superman
who feels undressed without a tan.

But underneath that burnished skin
has not your character worn thin?

Do you think that though impeached
you regained trust that had been breached.

Is fiction what you love to write?
If so, you’re good and very bright.