Morning’s Still Broken

Why U.S. authorities must dog the likes of Cat Stevens

Boomers remember
Cat Stevens’ records
back when our world was crazy yet sane.
Vietnam soldiers
recall cold shoulders
when they returned home bloodied and maimed.

Morning’s still broken,
moon shadows faded.
Oh, very young, our world’s still at war.
There is no peace train.
Terror on airplanes
means Yusuf Islam is welcomed no more.

Crescent moon shadows
all Muslim converts,
still not all converts play terror’s game.
But those on watch lists
really are high risks
and must be de-clawed if not deplaned.

Old Carl Sandburg
pictured the night fog
like cat feet stalking those it deems prey.
So without warning
terror comes storming
quietly cloaking those in its way.

We must be leery
of those who follow
extremist leaders bent on our doom.
Sometimes we error
battling terror
but that’s the cost of forestalling gloom.

* the above lyrics can be sung to the tune for “Morning Has Broken”