A Misnamed Saint

Lessons from a mountain that refuses to die

With a demon-like temper
this saint lost her head.
When her ashes were scattered
we thought she was dead.

But Helen surprised us.
She feigned her demise.
She’s back with a vengeance
and blasphemous sighs.

She’s late for confession.
She’s absent from mass.
This angry old woman
is grimaced by gas.

Her title’s deceiving.
This hag is no saint.
While some think she’s peaceful,
the Lord knows she ain’t.

She’s seething with malice
and won’t be denied.
The pontiff who dubbed her
most certainly lied.

But lest you feel smug-like
and think you’re exempt
examine your anger
those times that you vent.

Does your reputation
match what’s in your heart?
Or is an eruption
beginning to start?