Fishing for Votes

Why presidential debates are the reel deal

Da bait’s on da hook.
But who’s gonna bite?
Da fish on da left?
Or da fish on da right?

Da rivers and lakes
are teaming with trout
as both John and George
eye da poles that they tout.

Ol’ Kerry’s been fishin’
a very long time.
He knows how to cast
though he’s dressed to da nines.

But Bush is quite awkward.
His lines tend to snag.
He’s much more at ease
when he’s hoisting a flag.

On opposite banks
these fishermen stand
from jobs to Iraq
to a partial-birth ban.

A river divides them
on health-care and guns,
gay couple unions
and troop-support funds.

Each man seeks his limit
and each will not quit
’til all fish are counted
on hooks or in nets.