Pondering the Meaning of a Verdict and a Merger

How this week’s headlines impact our lives

A Guarded Celebration

Great Scott! Guilty Scott.
Quite unlike O.J.,
the jury didn’t close their eyes
and Justice got her way.

Truth wins! Laci wins!
Baby Connor, too.
It took five months to sort the facts
and sift through every clue.

Now what? You know what.
Sentencing awaits.
The jury weighing death or life
will recommend his fate.

Don’t gloat. Please don’t gloat.
Though you’ve never killed,
you know that you are capable
of wrongs you haven’t willed.

Ask God. Speak to God.
Share your heart with Him.
Urge Him to be near to Scott
while dealing with your sin.

The Ultimate Blue Light Special

With Martha in the Big House,
K Mart has sold its home.
It’s scaling down by trading up
to where the Roebucks roamed.

The blue-light beacon’s flashing.
A huge white sale’s inside.
Big K’s now playing hardball
with Sear’s softer side.

The Target is competing
with Mr. Walton’s stores
but time will tell if S and K
will find a way to score.