The Prince’s Bride

A call to offer grace to His Grace

The Prince of Wales in tux and tails,
Camilla dressed in gray,
walked down the aisle while royals smiled
and then they knelt to pray.

The prince’s bride without much pride
expressed her sinfulness
as Charles, too, prayed to renew
a faith he once confessed.

The Queen was there and Tony Blair
and by their presence said,
“Regrets remain, but all the same
let’s love these who’ve now wed.”

Can you erase what’s cleansed by grace?
Or will you roll your eyes?
It’s fun to rake up old mistakes,
to joke and criticize.

But, don’t be a thug and act so smug
and call the prince a goat.
You aren’t a saint. Beneath your paint
you have no room to gloat.

Consult your mirror. It’s very clear.
The one who looks at you
can be quite base and needs God’s grace
and longs to start brand new.