A Life Lesson from a Near Death Experience

Why the rescue of the Russian sailors is a recipe for personal growth

Submerged beneath the icy depths
a Russian crew was caught.
Their sub was trapped in fishing nets
both weighted down and taut.

Just like the Kursk, their plight seemed doomed.
Those men had little air.
But this time Russians asked for help
admitting their despair.

And since they did, the crew was saved
as time nearly ran out.
The outcome gave the waiting world
good cause to cheer and shout.

And in this rescue there’s a truth
we’d all do well to see
of what to do when we need help
in some catastrophe.

Our pride might prompt us to pretend
that everything’s okay.
But then the fear we hide inside
won’t ever go away.

But if we own up to our plight
and let our need be known,
we’ll find the joy of being loved
through graces friends have shown.

We’d best resist the tendency
to handle life solo.
When we act like we’re self-contained,
we miss the chance to grow.