A Toast for Labor Day

Saluting the American workforce

I lift my glass to those who work
the cabbie, waitress, soda jerk,
the gardener and the janitor
and mini-mart cashier.

I’m grateful for attorneys, too,
protecting us from those who sue.
And don’t forget our family docs
and nurses they employ.

And then there are the brave who teach
and those at church ordained to preach.
The farmers, too, deserve our praise
plus salesmen on the road.

The firefighters and police
and car mechanics smeared with grease
help keep us safe and on the road
though often they’re unsung.

This toast is also for our troops
who labor ’til their eyelids droop
defending freedoms we embrace
while taking aim at terror.

So here’s to all who earn a wage.
This weekend they deserve the stage.
Because of them, our stress of life
is drastically reduced.