Birth Pangs of a Cosmic Sort

What might the crescendo of catastrophic global events be signaling?

There’re wars, earthquakes and tidal waves.
Then deadly aftershocks.
Could Armageddon be on deck?
So ask newsmen on Fox.

And hurricanes are on the rise
with killer floods in tow.
There’s talk of bird flu and mad cow.
St. Helens’s set to blow.

A Carpenter from Nazareth
once hammered home the truth
that escalating tragedies
would wake prophetic sleuths.

So could the end be drawing close
for late great planet Earth?
Are all these headlines labor pains
that mark redemption’s birth?

We can’t be sure, but let’s beware.
The Scriptures make it clear.
That Carpenter will come again.
Perhaps this is the year.