A look at the meaning of the Incarnation through the windows of technology

Long ago in a land far away
an illegal operation was performed
and the human hard drive crashed.

Upon rebooting,
a garden variety virus was detected.
Lacking any means of self-repair,
mankind with mice in hand
clicked in vain.

But the Creator would not let
the unique technology
He’d designed remain inoperative.
Gazing through the windows
of eternity future,
He wrote a software program
He labeled “grace.”

Although it was the perfect antidote
for the virus of sin,
this program had to be downloaded
before its benefits would take effect.
Proof that the download
had been successfully achieved
was seen in the icon of God’s image
that appeared on humanity’s desktop.
Curiously, God did not choose
maximum modem speed
with which to connect to His world.
Although He had created outer space,
He didn’t choose cyberspace
as the means by which
he would highlight his love.
Neither did he download himself
digitized on a 19 inch color monitor.

The incarnation was not virtual reality.
In RealTime the Almighty actually entered
into time and space
through the available port
of a virgin’s womb.

Thus, the pace at which
grace came to us
was not instantaneous.
It was the length of time
it typically takes
to grow what love conceives.

And what the Creator conceived
needs no upgrade.
The anti-virus program
is a person who remains the same
yesterday, today and forever.
This Christmas
Jesus the Christ
is just a faith-click away.