Gas-aholics Anonymous

Acknowledging our dependence is the first of many steps

Okay let’s admit it.
We’re gas-aholics.
We crave Saudi oil.
Without it, we’re sick.

We guzzle at gas pumps.
We can’t get enough.
But feeding our habit
is costly. It’s rough.

Our Arab bartender
keeps raising the price.
He knows our addiction,
yet still aids our vice.

With devilish glee
he keeps urging us on
to get fully tanked
till our sanity’s gone.

We need to get sober.
We know it. We must.
But who’s there to help us.
Just who can we trust?

We drunks need each other.
We can’t quit alone.
We don’t have the energy
left to our own.

Recovery’s essential
through solar or corn.
We must find new sources.
We must be reborn.

So let’s take 12 steps
toward the goal to be free
from the bondage of oil.
We must find the key.