Desirable Border Conflicts

It’s what happens when world war is waged with a ball

A month of goal-kicking
now comes to an end.
As eyes from all nations
take aim on Berlin.

A fourteen-inch statue
is what the champs get.
A fourteen-pound treasure,
impressive and yet…

The World Cup is more
than a trophy. Much more.
It’s how the world gathers
to “kick butt” and score.

We call the game soccer,
though we are alone.
It’s football to billions.
That’s how it is known.

A round ball (not oval).
No pads. No uprights.
No hash marks. No first downs.
No scoring (some nights).

It’s football the way
the Lord meant it to be.
At least most the nations
on His earth agree.

It’s hardly just gaming.
It’s more like world war.
It’s bloody and brutal.
There’s mud, grit and gore.

There’s arms limitation.
Not treaties, but rules
as foot soldiers battle.
Their toes are their tools.

Though hands are off-limits,
it really is sweet
to watch each combatant
wage war with his feet.

It’s war without killing.
But that isn’t all.
The weapon is harmless.
A round leather ball.

It’s war we love watching
as nations collide.
But now one month later,
please let me confide…

I’m ready for baseball.
The World Cup’s been fun.
Yet after four-weeks-worth,
it’s time soccer’s done.