Endless War on Center Stage

The drama in the Middle East continues

The Middle East’s
on center stage
and in the West
we watch in rage.
The curtain’s drawn
on what’s become
a record-breaking run.

The Playbill
in our trembling hands
explains the plot
that plagues The Land.
A land God promised long ago
to Jacob’s dozen sons.

The actors change
but not their roles
as scripted mayhem
takes its toll.
This drama titled Endless War
has far too many acts.

The theatre
(like those of war)
has no soft seats,
no walls or floor.
Its sets and props are Eden-old
and blood-soaked from their use.

An intermission
is quite rare.
And when it comes
we hardly care.
For once the air has cleared of smoke
the play begins again.

O God, please end
this show’s long run.
It’s time your stage play
Kingdom Come
is acted out
much like in Heaven
when peace will take a bow.