A Labor Day Tribute to the All-Night Worker

Saying thanks to graveyard shift survivors;
The Big Easy’s Hard Year

You punch the clock while others sleep.
That graveyard shift is long and deep.
At times it’s like you’re six feet down,
bone tired, feeling dead.

It’s hard to go to bed at dawn
or after you have mown the lawn.
It really is unnatural
to sleep the day away.

You wake for dinner and you say
“I wish my job was in the day
for then I could have nights at home
and watch my favorite shows.”

Still you’re the envy of those damned
by traffic that is always jammed.
Those daytime workers only dream
of such a quick commute.

And truth be told the work you do
is valuable. Your boss needs you.
The overnights that you put in
mean far more than you know. And … Another Anniversary…The Big Easy’s Hard YearReflections on Katrina’s Wrath. Her name was gentle, but that’s all.
The day Katrina chose to call,
all Hell broke loose in New Orleans
and Easy became hard.

A YEAR ago she blew through town.
The evidence is still around.
This heartless woman’s calling card
has numbers that won’t quit.

The cost’s in lives and dollars spent
and those who owned but now must rent
plus countless heartache felt by those
whose dreams can’t be rebuilt.

New Orleans now is half the size.
What has increased are all the whys
that question how so many still
are homeless and displaced.

O God, please comfort those alone
who have no place to call their home.
And help us all to realize
there’s something we can do.