There’s Something About Mary

The rest of the (Nativity) story;
A Glimpse of the Good News in Sad News

Have you seen it?
The movie?
It is called Nativity.
It’s the pre-quel to
The Passion of the Christ.
Well, it seems there is an issue.
Mary’s not on Santa’s list.
She’s not married
and she’s pregnant.
Holy schighst!

I can hear it.
The reaction
from the finger-pointing crowd.
“Just how could they cast
this one who can’t behave?”
But I counter, “Don’t be pious.
Though she’s not a virgin pure,
she’s among the ones
the Savior came to save.”

Mary, Mary,
quite contrary.
I know what your Garden’s called.
Eden’s where
sin starting growing long ago.
It’s the place where shame first blossomed.
It’s where Christmas was conceived.
It is also where God’s grace
began to grow.

Mary, Mary
as your baby
kicks and moves within your womb,
let the Lord of life
assure you that you’re loved.
Though you (as of yet) aren’t married,
let the movie part you played
call to mind that you’re the one
God’s thinking of.

This poem was written after learning that Keisha Castle-Hughes, the 16 year old actress that plays Mary in The Nativity Story, is pregnant out of wedlock. This unexpected news broke the same week the movie opened in theatres nationwide. The lyrics of this verse are the poet’s expression of compassion directed toward Mary (Keisha). They are also an expression of caution aimed at pious critics in churches who are tempted to wag a finger instead of celebrating the reason the Christ child was born. Perhaps they need to be reminded of the words of the grown-up Christmas baby. It was Jesus who said of his coming to our world, “It’s not the healthy that need a doctor, but the sick.”

A Glimpse of the Good News in Sad News

He left his car and family.
He gave up what he had
and in the process proved his love
as husband and as dad.

Although he died, His family lived.
Their rescue was his goal.
And in his brave and risky act
James Kim revealed his soul.

Ironically, this tragedy
occurred this time of year.
A season when we contemplate
a God who dared draw near.

A God who left his throne behind
to save those who were lost.
His footprints on a blood-soaked hill
are clues to love’s true cost.

Each Christmas we recall the truth
that life is birthed through death.
The death of one who shared our plight
from first to final breath.