Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Revisited)

A needed diversion from a non-ending war

O please take me out to the ballgame.
I’m tired of bloodshed and war.
And though it’d be nice if the home team prevails,
I’m not that concerned with the score.

What I need is a break from the headlines.
Nine innings away from Iraq.
Just give me some strike outs and several home runs
before CNN brings me back.

Our bases in Bahgdad and elsewhere
are loaded with B-52s.
And though I am glad that those jets are on base,
I’m weary of watching the news.

Today I’ll choose four other bases
and offensive weapons called bats.
The non-ending toll in both dollars and lives
will give way to some happier stats.

This poem originally appeared on this website three years ago