You Don’t Know Jack

Ignorance to what Jackie Robinson did 60 years ago;
The Puss of Prejudice

You don’t know Jack
whose oiled bat
could swing with endless grace.

You don’t know Jack
who dodged much flack
like millions of his race.

You don’t know Jack
who freed the blacks
and steeled their walk toward home.

You don’t know Jack
and looking back
you hardly are alone.

You don’t know Jack,
whose home run crack
in Brooklyn made him great.

You don’t know Jack.
Admit your lack
by being born too late.

The Puss of Prejudice
Why the Don Imus Show deserves to be gonged.

I must insist
Imus must go.
Those Rutgers girls
are hardly ‘ho’s.

Don’s oozing bias
(much like puss)
is quite revolting.
Can the cuss.

Unlike the grace
the Dodgers showed
to Jackie R
so long ago

Don Imus proves
we’ve not arrived.
His comments mean
racisim thrives.

The likes of him
cause hurt and fear.
So drain the puss.
He’s out of here!

His free speech rights
were rather wrong.
Chuck Barris please
go bang the gong.