Praying for a Sick Mother

Earth Day Reflections on Global Warming:
Mother Nature’s Death Wish

Mother Earth has got a fever.
Some insist it’s no big deal.
Others say it could be fatal.
Doomsday prophets start to kneel.

Diagnosis? Global warming.
There are sweat beads on her brow.
She is having trouble breathing.
Just how much will God allow?

Major surgery is needed
Cutting out some things we do.
Like the fossil fuels we guzzle.
Going green may see her through.

We should pray that she’ll recover.
After all, she is our mom.
May our Father who’s in Heaven
intervene before she’s gone.

Mother Nature’s Death Wish

The irony of what this week represents.

This very week Earth Day draws near.
Most eerily it’s very clear
how sick our planet seems to be.
Just ponder what has been.

The Waco cult Davidian
revealed the human heart of sin
as senseless killings stunned us all
and soaked the ground with blood.

Fast-forward then another year
when Oklahomans shed their tears
for victims of a downtown bomb
who died so needlessly.

It was this week in Ninety-nine
we gasped to learn of Columbine
as Littleton became big news
we wished we’d never heard.

And now this week Virginia Tech
has left us all a nervous wreck.
Ironically, though tulips bloom,
our Spring has lost its step.