The Market’s Mystique

Seattle’s famed Pike Place Market turns 100 years old

Come meet the producers
fishmongers, florists,
farmers and winemakers.
Come hear their chorus.

Amid ferries belching
and gulls’ haunting scree,
I hear merchant voices.
They’re calling to me.

It’s where locals linger.
It’s where tourists throng.
Where fish are seen flying
to street singers songs.

Vendors and crafters
all welcome the morn
while sipping their coffee
where Starbucks was born.

Rachel the piggy bank
stands proud neath the clock
while guarding a place that
just goes on for blocks.

And though it’s one-hundred,
it’s vital and strong.
Though once given last rites,
that verdict was wrong.

Pike Place is quite special,
unequaled, unique.
So why not discover
the Market’s mystique?