A Declaration of Dependence

The overmedicating of America revealed

Our blest founding fathers
could never have known
Just how our dependence
on pills has now grown.

A purple one, blue one.
The pills never quit.
Viagra, Vitorin,
Naproxen, Requip.

A pill for those times
when your legs are so restless.
And one for that nightmare
when bedtime is sexless.

The problem with having
a pill for each ill
is found in the fine print.
The cure also kills.

A suicide death wish.
Compulsion to smoke.
Four-hour erections.
Lightheadedness. Stroke.

You just might miscarry.
Your vision can fail.
You could have strong urges
that land you in jail.

We’re just too dependent.
We take pills at will.
There’s Tylenol, Tums
plus Aleve and Advil.

There’s Claritin, Vioxx,
Allegra,,, My word.
Our intake to outlast
discomfort’s absurd.

We’re pill-popping junkies.
We’re druggies at best.
Just look at our cupboards
and medicine chests.