The Deceiving Beauty of Autumn Leaves

Examining the death of morality in progress

They dangle most delectablylike Eden’s apple did.But neath their orange and reddish hues,a tragic truth is hid. The autumn leaves cling to the tree,but soon each one will fall.Misleading beauty caused by deathinvites us to recall
such colors can seduce our thoughts.
Their beauty is a lie.
They “wow” us with what looks like life
but they themselves have died.

Morality is withering.
God’s standards (slighted) fall.
Our brittle culture (veined by lust)
chants “tolerance is all!”

Indecency in media
is rampant. Porn prevails.
With church attendance in decline,
what flourished once now fails.

The tree is growing naked fast.
Unclothed, ungodly, stark.
The chill of winter can be felt
as brilliance becomes dark.