Preventing Truth Decay

Exposing the cultural cavity of deception

Preventing truth decay is tough
when truth portrayed is just a bluff.
The oxymorons in the news
are almost laughable.

Press conferences without the press
are windows dressed without a dress.
They’re nothing but hypocrisy.
They’re fraudulent. Obscene.

A holy war in Allah’s name
can’t be as holy as some claim.
It’s terrorism birthed in hate.
It’s neither just nor fair.

Those prime time programs on TV
are not so prime for families.
There’s sex and hard-core violence
that feed our mares of night.

Integrity is often faked,
but such a ploy puts trust at stake.
When what is said is not what is,
corruption wears a crown.

Somehow we’ve got to tell the truth.
Deception’s like a rotten tooth.
Prevention may be difficult,
but it can start with you.