And That’s the Way It Is

Confessions of a News Junkie

I AM a news junkie. I must have my fix.
I love 60 Minutes and all those loud ticks.

I catch the Today Show as each day begins
and then I switch over to watch CNN.

Then in my Tribeca while driving to work,
I must hear Paul Harvey or I go berserk.

Alerts on my laptop prompt late breaking news.
I have to click on them. We addicts must use.

I spend coffee breaks with the front page and more.
And while at the urinal I scan b-ball scores.

It’s All Things Considered that’s on en route home.
That NPR format’s like gnawing a bone.

When dinner is over I watch Larry King
and Anderson what’s-his-name’s 360 thing.

It’s bad. It’s outlandish. It’s out of control.
I pig-out on headlines but never get full.