Memphis Memories

Another date that will live in infamy;
Jeremiah’s Lamentations;

God Has a Dream, Too!

Memphis Memories
Another date that will live in infamy.

There’s a motel down in Memphis
that was Martin’s Waterloo
where Lorraine could not protect him
from men’s hate.
Even after forty years (it seems)
the 4th of April stands
as a self-demeaning anniversary date.

Mr. Ray was dubbed a racist
and he proved it with his aim,
but it’s clear that Jimmy Earl was not alone.
Whites AND blacks alike store hatred
in the basements of their hearts
judging others quite unfairly
when at home.

Jeremiah’s Lamentations
What Obama now laments about his pastor.

Jeremiah Wright is neither
prophet nor right on.
His prayer that God would damn our nation
went on much too long,

The Reverend Dr. Wright is left
about as left can be.
His sermons are political.
It’s very plain to see

he hollers about Hillary.
He rails against the rich.
His altar calls are calls to alter
what the right has pitched.

And this Chicago clergyman
has shaped his friend Barack.
No wonder he keeps saying that
our boys should leave Iraq.

This Jeremiah’s played a role
in what Obama says.
And knowing that, do you still want
Barack to be our Prez?

God Has a Dream, Too!
Martin Luther King wasn’t the only dreamer.

Selma, Memphis, Birmingham,
Atlanta and D.C.
These cities are synonymous
with dreams God has for me.

To take a stand for those who can’t.
To be an advocate
for those oppressed by prejudice
and victims of neglect.

God hopes that I will serve the poor,
the widows and bereaved.
That I will be the arms of Christ
to anyone in need.

The message preached by Martin King
(like Matthew, Luke and John)
is what God dreams will mark my life
til what He hates is gone.