A Papal Bull and a Burning Bush

A humorous look at Pope Benedict’s U.S. visit;
Unholy Hands

A Papal Bull and a Burning BushA humorous look at Pope Benedict’s U.S. visit.The Pope and President shook hands.
Each winked to hint he understands
what it is like to be in charge
of those who think you’re wrong. This top dog and this lame duck talked
while on an early morning walk.
Both men ignored their critics’ claims
that they are out of step. “I’d love to ride a Papal Bull.
The thought (says George) just makes me drool.
In Crawford we have many bulls
but not the Vati-kind.” “A burning bush I’d like to see
while here in Washington, D.C.”
“Well, you’re in luck,” said George to Ben.
“The press sets me ablaze.” And so a walk proved so much more.
A budding friendship is in store
for these two guys who humbly lead
a Nation and a Church.   Unholy HandsPointing a finger at deviant priests.Some hands that hoist the cup of Christ
mishandle little lambs.
Because their vows forbid a mate,
they fondle those they can.

They sign the cross, anoint with oil.
With open palms, they bless.
But when the mass is said and done,
they wrongfully caress.

They baptize infants, give last rites,
pat toddlers on the head.
But what those hands most want to do
is beckon boys to bed.

A dirty shame. That’s what it is.
It?s criminal. It’s sick.
The guilty can’t be reassigned.
Their bishops must convict.