Sarah Palin Needs Our Prayers

Her family’s joys and sorrows are not unique;
Gustavus Among Us

Sarah Palin Needs Our Prayers
Her family’s joys and sorrows are not unique.

She has a son whose name is Track
who’s joined our forces in Iraq.
Her daughter Bristol (seventeen)
is in the family way.

She also has an infant boy.
Trig is her precious pride and joy.
He has Down Syndrome and has won
a place in all our hearts.

The Palin Family (just like ours)
has joys and sorrows, wounds and scars.
Theirs is a home that understands
the heartaches millions know.

So lest we whisper gossiped shame,
or judge this clan with sudden fame,
we would do well to face the mirror
and thank God for His grace.

Gustavus Among Us
Lessons from a killer storm.

A Swedish king has lent his name
to last week’s violent hurricane.
Like vicious Vikings of the past,
this killer came ashore.
With deadly aim Gustav arrived
determined we would be deprived
of peace of mind and stress-less bliss
while pillaging at will.
He stole the thunder from St. Paul
and in the process showed us all
that politics take second place
when lives are on the line.

His bark proved much worse than his bite
as Gulf Coast levees (strong and tight)
prevented what we mostly feared
and held the floods at bay.
It goes to show our plans and whims
are blown to bits by spinning winds.
Our confidence in what’s to come
gives way to what God wills.
We think we know what’s just ahead,
but who’s to say we won’t be dead.
In light of Gustav, live today
as if it were your last.