Potholes on Wall Street

Manhattan’s “Street of Dreams” under construction;
Overshadowed by a Running Mate
In You, Lord, We Find our Courage

Potholes on Wall Street
Manhattan’s “Street of Dreams” under construction.

Manhattan’s famous “Street of Dreams”
is in much disrepair.
It’s dangerous to travel on.
The risk’s a real nightmare.

Yes, Wall Street needs some road work done.
It’s potholes are immense.
The Lehman brothers fell in one.
They’ve not been heard from since.

Those potholes must be filled somehow.
Before more meet their end.
We can’t imagine all is well.
We cannot just pretend.

Overshadowed by a Running Mate
What candidates and hurricanes have in common.

Ike was Gustav’s running mate.
The surge he caused made quite a wake.
His whirlwind tour of the Gulf
created quite a stir.

Like Sarah Palin and McCain,
Ike upstaged Gustav’s dull campaign.
He proved to be the stronger storm,
a force to reckon with.

And in the aftermath of Ike
of damaged buildings and the like,
we are reminded once again
there’s much we can’t control.

In You, Lord, We Find Our Courage
Timely words to timeless hymn tune.

In You, Lord, we find our courage
when the headlines trigger fear.
Help us focus on Your presence
that is always, ever near.
Thanks for nourishing our hunger.
Thanks for sheltering our sleep.
Thanks for promising salvation
when we face a grave so deep.

You remain our source of courage
when the market is besieged.
When the spinning winds of summer
find the Gulf States on their knees.
Storms of many kinds assault us.
We are vulnerable and weak.
As the dark clouds swirl around us,
help us Lord Your face to seek.

Note: The above poem can be sung to the tune for “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”