A Little Piggy in Big Trouble

If only the swine flu was just a nursery rhyme;
Scare Force One

A Little Piggy in Big Trouble
If only the swine flu was just a nursery rhyme

This little piggy has a fever.
This little piggy just sneezed.
This little piggy feels achy.
This little piggy just wheezed.
And this little piggy went
all the way home.

The swine flu epidemic
is hardly child’s play.
Much more than steal your bacon,
it can take your life away.

In Mexico, it’s tragic.
The death toll’s on the rise.
But not just there, it’s everywhere
as one more victim dies.

This news is more than headlines.
The pigs have left the pen.
This flu will claim a whole lot more.
It’s just a case of when.

Pork bellies speak of futures,
but swine flu’s present tense.
Let’s pray it all will soon be past
before it grows immense.

Scare Force One
Flying in the face of reason

They called that big bird “Scare Force One”
that buzzed by Liberty.
It frightened New York City mad.
It was insanity.

A photo-op some claimed it was
for our new President.
But those who saw that jumbo jet
were fooled. They thought it meant

another terrorist attack
like eight short years ago.
Thinking the worst they thought there might
be one more Ground Zero.

It only goes to verify
our nightmares gallop still,
that 911 haunts our land
and for a long time will.

O God, please calm our anxious hearts
that find it hard to trust.
We have to leave the past behind.
For goodness sake, we must!