Mr. Trump and Miss California

A lesson in grace but not integrity;
Reality TV vs. Real Life

Mr. Trump and Miss California
A lesson in grace but not integrity

The Donald did it once again.
He trumped popular opinion.
The words “you’re fired!”
were expected
by the media minions.

The Miss USA runner-up
had fallen down it seemed.
When photos surfaced from her past,
we knew what that would mean.

This one who answered from the right
that gay marriage is not,
appeared to be up to her neck
in water boiling hot.

But Mr. Trump, who once before,
had graced a fallen beauty,
surprised the press yet once again
by saying, “It’s my duty

to stand up for this one whose views
on gays I don’t agree
because this poor girl’s been maligned.
That’s how it seems to me.”

And yet I am a bit confused
by how she chose to pose.
Her actions undermine her words.
They’re fodder for her foes.

And so the moral of this tale?
Feel free to bear your chest.
But if you judge the plight of gays,
don’t play the game of sex.

Reality TV vs. Real Life
The choice is up to us

The Apprentice,
Biggest Loser,
Amazing Race.
Dancing with the Stars
and Idol
The Bachelor’s
bold disgrace.

This reality programming
renders viewers peeping toms
watching those who win a challenge
and those fired who are gone.

Aint it really kind of stupid
to just watch while others play?
What say we turn off the TV
and start living life today?