And That’s the Way It Is!

Remembering Walter and the way it was

We called him Walter, never Walt.
And like a drugstore chocolate malt,
he helped define “the way it was”
when we were very young.

He anchored us on stormy days
when tragedy (like frightening waves)
would threaten to capsize our hope
that all would be okay.

He first informed us of the shot
that stole our dreams of Camelot.
And it was he who shared our joy
when man walked on the moon.

He was the voice within “the eye”*
I somehow thought would never die,
for even in retirement
he spoke from time to time.

But now he’s gone and I am sad.
Just eight months since I lost my dad,
I am reminded yet again
that heroes pass away.

That’s just the way it is, I guess.
In time, death claims the very best.
And while we miss the way it was,
we treasure memories.

* The logo for the CBS television network is an eye