Let’s Roll!

Remembering a 9/11 hero eight years later;
Gridiron Glory

Let’s Roll!
Remembering a 9/11 hero eight years later

Eight years ago hate left its mark
in New York and D.C.
But don’t forget the ones who died
aboard Flight 93.

Eight years ago one said, “Let’s roll!
Let’s take those terrorists down,”
although he knew his hijacked jet
would plummet to the ground.

A pregnant wife, two little boys,
his loving mom and dad.
He pondered leaving them alone,
afraid, distraught and sad.

But enter Todd the patriot
who knew what must be done.
He wanted to bequeath the hope
of freedom for his sons.

Todd Beamer’s faith helped him stay calm.
And with those other guys,
he led the charge that tackled hate
six miles in the sky.

So on this day when we recall
an act that changed our lives,
I’m grateful for the likes of Todd.
May we all be as wise.

* Todd Beamer was a thirty-three year old hero on United Flight #93 that crashed near Shanksville, PA on September 11, 2001. This young business executive, a graduate of Wheaton College, led an on-board rebellion against the terrorists that had hijacked the plane by calling out “Are you guys, ready? Let’s roll!” Check out http://www.lifeway.com/lwc/article_main_page/0,1703,A=150237&M=50022,00.html

Gridiron Glory
Why collegeate football sacks the pros

Yes, it’s time again for football.
How I love this time of year.
Autumn leaves and caramel apples,
punt returns that prompt a cheer.

But, it’s college pigskin antics
that I’m passionate about.
Amateurs who play their hearts out
are my favorites without doubt.

See, the goal of college football
isn’t just a line of chalk.
It is building men through teamwork
through a game known for hard knocks.

College players feel allegiance
to their coach, their team and school.
Love of winning spawns their effort.
Pride in purpose in their fuel.

While the NFL boasts ratings,
college football takes the cake.
Since these players aren’t paid millions,
they give all for goodness’ sake.