Jimmy’s Crack Scorned

Why the former President misspoke;
Those Rainy Nights in Georgia

Jimmy’s Crack Scorned
Why the former President misspoke

Jimmy’s crack scorned and white folks care
that a President would dare
to say Obama’s health care woes
are just because he’s black.

That which Carter claimed as true
insults the likes of me and you.
It fails to own how far we’ve come
since Martin shared his dream.

I believe our reticence
comes from bold “facts” that don’t make sense
and from our fears that we’ll become
like those in Canda.

Jimmy’s crack scorned both black and white.
And such wisecracking isn’t right.
The man from Plains is nuts to think
we’re racist to object.

Those Rainy Nights in Georgia
Giving Mother Nature the respect she demands

Just a rainy night in Georgia?
How they wish it was just one.
Countless days of nonstop downpours
have Atlantans on the run.

Widespread flooding has proved tragic.
Children have been swept away.
Tears of sorrow fall like raindrops
as it was in Noah’s day.

Now as then we are beholden
to the force of nature’s whim.
Even those quite wise and wealthy
quickly bow to floods and winds.