The Fall of the Wall

Both the one in Berlin and the one within;
Mileage Plus

The Fall of the Wall
Both the one in Berlin and the one within

A crumbling wall
recalls the fall
of 1989
when Germany awoke
to see
Berliners hoisting steins.

A piece of wall
would (after all)
announce the Cold War’s peace.
It would portend
another end
when Communism ceased.

But there’s a wall
within us all
that stubbornly still stands.
It keeps us from
the Holy One
and what this King demands.

Without a doubt
we wall God out
by wanting life our way.
Behind our pride
we try to hide
pretending night is day.

Let walls fall down
that peace be found
where conflict’s been the norm.
For after all
where there’s no wall
our cold hearts start to warm.

Mileage Plus
It’s more than miles that matter when families live far apart

I’m grateful for the internet,
for cell phones and for Skype.
But when your kids live far away
it’s easy, Lord, to gripe.

I’m jealous of some dads I know
who meet their sons for lunch
or treat their daughters at Starbucks
to tea and apple crunch.

Forgive me, Lord, when I complain
and claim it isn’t fair.
I’m sorry for my tendency
to envy and compare.

But golly, God, the holidays
can seem too much to bear.
I ache to see the table set
with all those empty chairs.

And yet, I’m oh so grateful for
the lives my children lead.
It curbs the pain to see how You
have helped each to succeed.

Thank You, Lord, for times we share
though few and far between.
Perhaps some day we’ll all live close.
At least a dad can dream.

* This year all three of our daughters live more than 2,000 miles away from home. Although we will all be together for Thanksgiving, Wendy and I were not able to be with our youngest for Parents Weekend at her college in Illinois. Neither will we be able to celebrate with Lauren as she turns 19 this weekend. The miles that separate seem somehow much longer on special days.