The Whine Flu

The contagious nature of ingratitude

A sickness rages in our land.
A pandemic through and through.
A chronic viral malady.
I call it the Whine Flu.

“Not fair!” “Oh, brother!” “Woe is me!”
We grumble, grouse and sigh
regurgitating constantly
the questions “How?” and “Why?”

Whine Flu dehydrates all our joy.
It leaves a bitter taste.
Our whining ways repel our friends.
They run from us post-haste.

Ingratitude is what’s behind
this spread-able disease.
When we forget to count God’s gifts
we start to croup and wheeze.

Lord, help us to express our thanks
for blessings you impart.
Please heal us of this dreaded flu
and give us grateful hearts.