Unlike in Love

Could two Valentines be more different?;
We Are a Common Wealth!

Unlike In Love
Could two Valentines be more different?

I’m a messy. She’s a neat-nick.
I love Gaither tunes.
She can’t stand their Gospel music.
“Gag me with a spoon!”

I like movies that are poignant.
She likes comedies.
I insist on fresh-brewed Starbucks.
She sips Zen green tea.

She likes staying home and chilling.
I like going out.
I want steak and baked potato.
She prefers grilled trout.

When at home, I want darkness.
She must turn on lights.
I do well avoiding conflict.
She would rather fight.

Could two people be more different?
Are you kidding me?
I drive with the windows open.
She must have A/C.

While I’m quick to make decisions,
she’s inclined to wait.
I am rarely ever on-time.
She is never late.

When we’re tempted to believe
our vows have run their course,
she would probably opt for murder
while I’d choose divorce.

All the same, in spite of just how
different we may be,
God has given us each other.
On that, we both agree.

* Wendy and I met as 18 year-olds during freshman orientation week at Seattle Pacific University. We never went-out in college but proceeded to date each other’s roommates. Our paths crossed again a decade later when I was a bachelor pastor and she was teaching school. Did I ever tell you about how I proposed to her on a Scrabble board? We were married on May 29, 1982. Ever since we’ve been poles apart together… and loving it!

We Are a Common Wealth!
A truth the Olympic torch illuminates

The flame on that Olympic wick
is more than fire on a stick.
It is an element of earth
as old as time itself.

That blazing torch passed man to man
recalls a truth since life began.
What warms the world and lights the night
is shared by everyone.

That bluish sphere that spins in space
defines us as a human race.
We are related. We are kin…
a global family.

All nations (every tribe and tongue)
have equal worth. The world is one.
These Winter Games remind us all…
We are a common wealth!