The Comeback Cat

Reflections on Tiger’s return to golf;
The Lion King and a Tiger’s Tale

The Come-back Cat
Reflections on Tiger’s return to golf

His roar (once cocky) Tony-like
is now a whispered “GREAT!”
This wounded tiger trapped by sex
is unsure of his fate.

The stray cat knows his way around
Augusta’s famous links.
But can he keep his cool (and vows)
when some hot temptress winks?

With one life down and eight to go
this feline has returned.
A Masters without mistresses?
Let’s hope that Tiger’s learned

how not to play around at work
forgetting who’s at home.
Let’s pray that this unfaithful cat
won’t reap all he has sown.

The Ling King and a Tiger’s Tale
Thinking about the new Nike ad with Tiger Woods’ dad

(from the heavens)
to Simba
(broken, shamed and weak).
A father (dead)
reminds his son
to claim his destiny.And in that brand new Nike adwe see the cub(and hear his dad)confronting Tiger in his cageinquiring “Whatcha learn?” Is Nike cashing-in on sin?Exposing what’s in Tiger’s den?Or is this brilliant marketingthat helps the golfer heal? Can dethroned tigers reclaim crowns?Or are they banished and thus boundto prowl the PGA in vain?
Only time will tell.

* The new Nike ad in which Tiger Woods’ father’s voice is heard speaking to his somber-faced son reminds me of that scene from The Lion King where the deceased Mufasa speaks to his son Simba.