Our Troops Are Headed Home

It’s a cause for somber celebration;
Let’s Hear It for Vacations

Our Troops Are Headed Home
It’s a cause for somber celebration

After nearly eight long years,
our troops are coming back.
They caught and hung Saddam Hussein
who brutalized Iraq.

They rebuilt roads and hospitals.
They killed insurgent spies.
They trained Iraqi service men
beneath the desert skies.

These brave young people risked their lives
dismantling IEDs.
Defending rights God gave to all,
they fought for liberty.

And while peacekeeping troops remain,
in Baghdad and beyond,
let’s say a prayer and thank the Lord
our combats troops are gone.

But let us also close our eyes
and bow our grateful heads
acknowledging the sacrifice
of those who came home dead.

Let’s Hear It for Vacations
America’s summertime ritual

Let’s hear it for vacationing,
a chance to play and rest,
to reconnect with family
and shed all kinds of stress.

To hike and camp or shop and veg
to cruise or sail or fish,
to stay at home and sleep-in late
and do the things we wish.

To take the kids to Grandma’s house
or drive the Interstate
exploring landmarks history says
have made our nation great.

To stroll unhurried through the Parks
amazed at what we see,
to photograph the wonder of
God’s creativity.

Vacationing means spending time
to buy some peace of mind,
untangling what’s knotted up
that’s had us in a bind.

Vacationing is Sabbath-like.
A day of rest times ten.
It is the break we all deserve
to be refreshed again.